Who We Are

Founded by Philip Geyser in 2016, EVI is wanting to start to change the EV sector in South Africa, Based in Pretoria

EVi is found by Philip Geyser in 2016 and He started importing Electric Scooters and saw that there was a big market for Electric Vehicles in South Africa. Philip started Eleksa with a few people to be the Dealerships of EVI.

Meet the Founders of Eleksa!

By Philip Geyser!

Eleksa is the dealership platforms of EVI and Philip created this platform for a few of the Dealership leaders and Eleksa grew from there.

Our Team

Here is some of our dealerships!

Contact Philip at +27 74 163 1972, for more information on starting your Eleksa Dealership.

Eleksa Online

Online Store of Eleksa

Run by the Radio X5 Stereo team, Eleksa and Radio X5 Stereo is in Partnership together to Run Eleksa’s Media Campaign and to Run the Eleksa Online Dealership.

Eleksa Montana

Montana Dealership of Eleksa

Run by Philip Geyser and Anton Jordaan, if you are in Pretoria and interested in test driving a Electric Vehicle.

Eleksa Potchefstroom

Potchefstroom Dealership of Eleksa

Run by our Potch Team, if you are in Potchefstroom and interested in test driving a Electric Vehicle.

Wish to Test drive a EV?

Do you have the erg to test drive an Electric Vehicle? You are at the right place, contact us today.