About us

In 2014 we opened the first full electric vehicle dealership in South Africa at that stage electric vehicles were seen as toys and not taken serious as a fully fledge vehicle.

During the next 5 years we learnt a lot about the industry and, most importantly what our place in the market is and what products we need to supply. And we can now reap the benefits of that experience.

Need some Repairs done, or need to get some Spare Parts? WE CAN HELP!

Want to invest in this ever expanding industry?

LOOK NO FURTHER! The perfect investment, or Franchise opportunity awaits....

We are looking for serious partners in this industry. People who will put in the effort, time, expertise and money. This is not a part time job or an easy money scam, we will all work together to ensure the success of this project.

We have major corporate deals that we are in the final stages of their Proof of Concept and some have started running already. We need representation throughout South Africa to supply to them and that’s where you come in.

Why we make sense:

Our products are in demand and your participation is safe and secure. You will never be asked to pay any fees, levies, royalties, or Costs in advance unless it’s on vehicles and products sold. By that we say: this is a proven tested business and you will, if accepted be able to make success of this.

If you are serious about this industry and you would still like to be a part of this initiative, please complete the attached NDA (non-disclosure agreement) and send it back signed with your full contact details

We want to make it clear that this is not a guarantee that you will be accepted as a dealer in the area requested, as the areas are limited and we will work on a first come first serve basis.

To make sure each dealership has a fair opportunity to be successful we do limit dealerships and Areas.

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