The CityBug

Introducing the 2 doors 4 seat CityBug Electric Vehicle to South Africa mid-2021.

Eleksa imports and distributes Electric Vehicles in South Africa for the last 6 years.

We plan to use our current and future dealerships to distribute the vehicle throughout South Africa.

The first 4 CityBug’s arrived in South Africa in July 2021. Expect to see many CityBug’s in your town or city.

The CityBug is an urban EV with the following capabilities:

  • Charging cost of 15c per km.
  • A full charge costs around R15.00.
  • Speed 60km/h.
  • Range 100 km (upgradeable to 200km).
  • Includes aircon, navigation, electric windows, android tablet, USB and a sound system.
  •  2 Doors 4 Seats.
Charging cost of 15c per km.
100 km

Retail Price: R200 000

It is an ideal city or town runabout. It experiences good interest as a delivery vehicle for short-range deliveries due to  the extremely low running cost.

Note: CityBug is already on the market in the UK, Spain, Germany and Uruguay.


The Future

  • New Investors and Dealerships have the opportunity to join Eleksa either as a passive investor or as an investor and retailer with his own Eleksa Branch. We currently have 20 investors.
  • Eleksa is open to partnerships with companies considering EV’s in their business fleet or as their core business.
  • Alternative energy companies have the opportunity to include these vehicles in their product range to further protect their customers from power and fuel uncertainties and cost escalation.
  • More vehicles will be added in future including a small bakkie, delivery van and a small family SUV.