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Phillip Geyser0741631972
Ena Berger 0765809181
Ilse Geyser0741928187

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  1. I would like to get more information and test drive this amazing car. I have sold my car and am looking for a car to zip around town and back and forth. Contact me via call or whatsapp 0824934215

  2. Good day. Citybug Looks like nice little run about for school run and working in town area. Any agents or chance of agent in Hartswater, Kimberley area? And would you consider having someone driving it about town in these areas with car branded for sales of car. Meaning running billboard and person earning commission on the sale of cars that is sold by them.
    I am a real estate agent so always about town and we have agency in Kimberley which could also have agent riding a car like this to showcase it.

  3. Hi there,
    If Eleksa starts importing an EV which is priced somewhere between the Mini Cooper SE and the CityBug, then I would be very interested! If such a waiting list exists, then I would like to add my name and contact details to it!

  4. Hi should one must have a licence to drive the citybug i am disabled and driving a mobility scooter so would like to know.

  5. I notice the CityBug range is “upgradable to 200km”.
    When will the top speed be higher or “upgradable” from 55km/h? Last time I checked the minimum speed on Highways is 60km/h.
    Don’t want to take part in any GrandPrix, but I at least want to be unable to use the car on a Highway (e.g. Joburg to Pretoria) without holding up traffic.

    • Good day Aubrey,

      The range from 100km to 200km will cost +- R120 000.00 . The speed is 60 km/h but the authorities don’t want to allow this vehicle on any highway in South Africa.

  6. Hi, I see you have an electric pickup truck version coming (or do you have stock of it already?)

    I’m interested in buying from Port Elizabeth

  7. Hi , I would like to enquire about price for the following vehicles please. E rider, E nova, Impi H21 and Bulldog oval

  8. I live at Knysna and am desperate to get an EV just as a basic local utility run around. So far the stupid pricess for even small cars has put me off but the City Bug is just what I need. However, our commute to town is on the N2 so the slow speed could be a dangerous hazard. Can it be increased to say 70 kph to keep it in the flow instead of an irritant to the less patient of drivers? Also how do I get to see one?

    • Good day John, Unfortunately the speed is 60 kmh and the authorities don’t want to allow this vehicle on any highway in South Africa. We do not have a branch near you only in Pretoria. Regards Magda

  9. Good morning

    Where in Cape Town would the Eleksa Citybug be available for viewing and a test drive, please?

    Emil Bosch

    • Good day Emil

      The Citybug is available for viewing and test drive at Eleksa in Montana, Pretoria.

  10. Does the Eleksa CityBug R230,000 cost include home charging kit? Are there any extra costs.
    And do I understand correctly that for an extra 100km range (ie 200km), the cost goes up to R350,000?
    Many thanks

    • Good day Julia

      Kindly contact us on 076 580 9181 / 012 881 8066 to enable us to provide you with the information needed on the CityBug.
      Or send an email to

      Eleksa Team

  11. Good Day,
    please kindly send me the price list for the d2d scooter and the impi h21.

  12. Good day.

    I have a question about the City Bug.
    Could you provide me an email for an agent in Cape Town?



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