Impi H21 (Bike Bakkie)

Impi H21

Price: 76,226.73

Solar Conversion: R8,500.00. 


  • Roof with waterproof design. Integrated metal canopy by stamping.
  • Button control switch wiper. Boneless wiper arm.
  • Frame uses 80*40*2(mm) thickened main elbow the structure is more solid and reliable.
  • Advanced 60V1500W permanent magnet synchronous electronic control system can increase the speed by 40%.
  • The lithium batteries are small in size and light in weight, but the service life is three times longer than that of lead-acid batteries.
  • Interchangeable three wheels more convenient to maintenance.
  • Φ43 outer spring hydraulic absorber.
  • Large square rearview mirror. Offers expansive views.
  • Central mirror with reversing image.
  • Equipped with MP3 & Radio.
  • Equipped with carriage pole. Easy to lift cargo box for maintenance.
  • With mobile phone charging support.
  • With storage box & storage bag. Integrated non-slip pedal.

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Impi H21 (Bike Bakkie with Roof) makes all opportunities possible through delivery, commuting, and work services for farmers, entertainers, and courier guys. This solar-ready electric van is now for sale at all of our dealerships and it’s the best 3-wheeler one can buy for themselves in 2022.

Overall size 3150*1180*1800 mm
Cargo box size 1600*1100*280 mm
Loading capacity 400kg
Motor 60V 1500W permanent magnet synchronous motor
Battery 64V 60Ah lithium battery
Controller 24 tubes
Max speed 45 km/h
Charging time 6-8h
Mileage per charge 65km
Rear axle Taper rear axle/ Boost gear
Front suspension Φ43 outer spring hydraulic absorber
Rear suspension 6 pcs leaf spring
Brake mode (F/R) Drum / Drum
Tire 4.0-12 Interchangeable
Roof 0.8mm Integrated stamping Iron roof
Loading quantity CKD:52 sets (40HQ)


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