Impi Rooikat JG (Bike Bakkie)

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The Impi Rooikat

Impi: A fully electric work vehicle that most people know as a 3-wheeler bike bakkie that is solar-ready and road legal.


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Price: 42,999.65

Solar Conversion: R8,500.00. 


The road-legal electric van is solar-ready and is a showroom away from delivering nothing but excellence at your desired destination. This three-wheeler electric car is now for sale in South Africa at a competitive price that you will love!

Motor 1000W
Battery Type Deep cycle sealed lead acid
Speed Up to 28 km/h
Range Up to 45 km
Weight 262kg
Brakes Rear Drum
Suspension Front Shock absorbers
Batteries 60V 45Ah
Drive Differential motor (Brushless) - Rear
Transmission Manual (low and high gear)
Suspension Rear Longitudinal leaf spring
Tyres Front 80/100 - 14
Tyres Rear 3.75 - 12
Brakes Front Drum
Brakes Rear Drum
Climbing Ability 15°
Frame Steel
Dimensions (mm) 2856 x 1120 x 1320
Bin Dimensions (mm) 1315 x 970
Other Mechanical brake, Front seat equipped with off-seat alarm, Front and rear wheel linkage brake
Load Up to 500 kg

1 review for Impi Rooikat JG (Bike Bakkie)

  1. Ilse Geyser

    The perfect farming vehicle.

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