Bulldog Steering Wheel

Bulldog Steering Wheel

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Price: 64,023.50 (Including Roof)

Note: Excluding battery.


Every one of our protection vehicles is custom-built in China, and every stage of the process is carried out with a craftsman’s attention to detail. This four-wheeler, an electric-powered motorbike is for sale in South Africa at over 25 dealerships nationwide.

Motor 60V 1200W
Batteries Options available
Drive Differential motor (Brushless) - Rear
Controls Accelerator pedal & Brake pedal
Speed Speed Setting 1 - Up to 15 km/h. Speed Setting 2 - Up to 20 km/h. Speed Setting 3 - Up to 25 km/h.
Load Up to 350 kg
Transmission Automatic
Tyres Front 16 x 8 - 7
Tyres Rear 16 x 8 - 7
Brakes Rear Drum
Suspension Front Rack & Pinion
Suspension Rear Coil Springs
Climbing Ability Coil Springs
Frame Steel
Dimensions (mm) 1630 x 820 x 1710 (With Roof) 1630 x 820 x 1110 (Without Roof)
Other 2 Seats, Front Carrier Basket.


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