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Price: 28,995.30


This exciting frail-care vehicle is specially designed to move you from disability to possibility. Travelling with an electric crutch can make life easier for you but travelling with a mobility scooter is just effortless travelling made easy for you by us! Stop by our showroom to purchase your mobility vehicle sold right here in South Africa.

Motor 1000W
Batteries 60V 20Ah
Battery Type Deep cycled sealed lead-acid
Drive Brushless differential motor - Rear
Speed Up to 30 km/h
Range Up to 60 km
Load Up to 150 kg
Weight 100 kg
Transmission Automatic
Tyres Front 3.0 - 10 (Tubeless)
Tyres Rear 3.0 - 10 (Tubeless)
Brakes Front Drum
Brakes Rear Drum
Suspension Front Drum hydraulic
Suspension Rear Springs
Climbing Ability ≤ 25°
Frame Steel
Panels ABS
Dimensions (mm) 1650 x 690 x 1080


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